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      Glitter Force

      Five preteen girls learn they're a legendary superhero squad known as the Glitter Force. Their mission? To defend Earth from evil fairy-tale villains.
      Starring:Laura Bailey, Kate Higgins, Alex Cazares
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      Glitter Force


      Glitter Force

      Watch An Exciting Beginning. Episode 1 of Season 1.

      When the magical kingdom of Jubiland is invaded by an evil emperor, tiny pixie Candy is sent to Earth to recruit five girls for a superhero team.

      Watch Kelsey Gets a Makeover. Episode 2 of Season 1.

      As Candy and Emily try to figure out a way to recruit the rest of the Glitter Force, Kelsey enlists Emily to help her become the next volleyball MVP.

      Watch We Want Peace! Glitter Peace!. Episode 3 of Season 1.

      When Emily and Kelsey discover that shy and sensitive Lily is a talented artist, they immediately devise a plan to draw her out of her shell.

      Watch Here Comes Glitter Spring!. Episode 4 of Season 1.

      After April protects Emily, Kelsey and Lily from bullies, they decide that it's time to invite her to join the Glitter Force.

      Watch Glitter Breeze vs. The Witch. Episode 5 of Season 1.

      Emily and her friends help Chloe with the student council's read-along at a local elementary school, but the story's happy ending is jeopardized.

      Watch The Library of Legends. Episode 6 of Season 1.

      The girls receive a visit from Pop, Candy's older brother, and learn more about what it means to be in the Glitter Force.

      Watch The Perfect Hideout. Episode 7 of Season 1.

      Constantly interrupted by curious friends and family, the girls search for a perfect hideout where they can conduct official Glitter Force business.

      Watch Glitter Switchers!. Episode 8 of Season 1.

      When one of Brooha's inventions causes Emily and Candy to switch bodies, Candy must pretend to be Emily for a day, wreaking all sorts of havoc.

      Watch April Fools!. Episode 9 of Season 1.

      Lily plays the perfect prank on Emily for April Fools' Day, but it backfires when Emily tells the entire school before Lily can tell her the truth.

      Watch Shrink-a-Rooed!. Episode 10 of Season 1.

      After the girls come in contact with another one of Brooha's inventions, they are shrunk to the size of bugs.

      Watch Feeling Blue. Episode 11 of Season 1.

      Candy learns the girls are going on a field trip without her. Rascal gives the fairy tale villains a nose that poses a challenge to the Glitter Force.

      Watch Emily’s Unlucky Day. Episode 12 of Season 1.

      Emily's luck seems to run out when she gets a bad fortune on the first day of the class field trip to the Asia Pacific Expo.

      Watch The Lost Girls. Episode 13 of Season 1.

      Emily, Lily and Candy get separated from the others on the third day of their field trip at the Asia Pacific Expo, leading to an all-day search.

      Watch Mother’s Day Crunch. Episode 14 of Season 1.

      When Emily forgets about Mother's Day, she enlists the help of her friends to think of the perfect gift to give to her mother.

      Watch Chloe Quits. Episode 15 of Season 1.

      Realizing she's never joined a club on her own, Chloe quits all the clubs she's in, including the Glitter Force, in order to find her true passion.

      Watch The Great Relay Race. Episode 16 of Season 1.

      When April volunteers her friends to run with her in the school's fitness day relay race, Lily fears her lack of athletic ability will drag them down.

      Watch See-U-No-More. Episode 17 of Season 1.

      The girls must band together to help Emily and Kelsey get through the school day after they're turned invisible by one of Brooha's inventions.

      Watch Wish Upon a Star. Episode 18 of Season 1.

      The Glitter Force, Candy and Pop prepare to celebrate the big Star Festival, unaware that Rascal has stepped up his sinister plan against them.

      Watch The Ultimate Choice. Episode 19 of Season 1.

      After one of their own is whisked away from them, the Glitter Force must make the journey to Jubiland in order to save their friend and their own world.

      Watch Into the Shadow Realm!. Episode 20 of Season 1.

      The Glitter Force must travel to the Shadow Realm to stop Rascal from bringing back the evil Emperor Nogo, while saving Candy in the process.

      Watch The Story Continues. Episode 1 of Season 2.

      After defeating Emperor Nogo, the girls transform into pixies and meet Jubiland's fairy-tale residents. Meanwhile, Rascal plots his revenge.

      Watch Battle on the Beach. Episode 2 of Season 2.

      It's summer break! The girls head to the beach for some fun, but a rivalry between Kelsey and April turns dangerous when Brute hits the scene.

      Watch The Ghost Hunters. Episode 3 of Season 2.

      Kelsey takes the girls on a ghost hunt around the school, determined to prove that ghosts don't exist. But Brooha has a big scare up her sleeve.

      Watch A Dicey Game. Episode 4 of Season 2.

      A roll of the dice transports the girls to Brooha's creepy Carnival of Doom, where they face off against their enemies in a series of strange games.

      Watch Around the World in Eighty Books. Episode 5 of Season 2.

      The girls gather at the Library of Legends to take a magical trip around the world, but an unwelcome surprise awaits them in the Amazon.

      Watch The Royal Clock. Episode 6 of Season 2.

      After the girls collect the 16 charms, a mysterious object appears. While Pop helps them unlock its secrets, Rascal cooks up an evil new scheme.

      Watch A Perfect Nightmare. Episode 7 of Season 2.

      Emily enters Rascal's dream ball to save her friends and finds them in an enchanting alternate universe where life is all play and no work.

      Watch Super-Lucky-Bott. Episode 8 of Season 2.

      When Brooha accidentally turns Emily into a giant robot, Brute and Ulric transform into Robot Hyper Buffoons to battle the Glitter Force.

      Watch Candidate Chloe. Episode 9 of Season 2.

      Chloe decides to run for class president when three new students (Brute, Ulric and Brooha in disguise) make campaign promises they can't keep.

      Watch The Glitter Kids. Episode 10 of Season 2.

      After Brooha's magic potion turns the girls into toddlers, they play games with baby Brute and Ulric instead of searching for a cure.

      Watch A Fairytale Ending!. Episode 11 of Season 2.

      When Emily gets sucked into the story of Cinderella, the girls must stop Brooha from rewriting the tale with an unhappy ending.

      Watch The Greatest Treasure. Episode 12 of Season 2.

      The girls have to write a paper about what they treasure most, but Kelsey loves so many things that she has a hard time choosing.

      Watch Goldenlight!. Episode 13 of Season 2.

      Budding artist Lily enters a comic book competition. But as the deadline approaches, she gets a bad case of writer's block.

      Watch April's Babysitting Blues. Episode 14 of Season 2.

      While April is babysitting, her little brother and sister wander off -- and run into Brooha! To save them, she'll have to reveal her superhero status.

      Watch Abroad Decision. Episode 15 of Season 2.

      Chloe gets accepted into a study abroad program in London, but she's not sure she wants to leave her friends and family for a whole year.

      Watch The Gift of Friendship. Episode 16 of Season 2.

      Emily meets a little girl who reminds her of a special childhood friend. But soon Ulric arrives to spoil her trip down memory lane.

      Watch The Miracle Jewel. Episode 17 of Season 2.

      After Rascal finds the Miracle Jewel, he gives Ulric, Brute and Brooha dangerous new powers and sends them to battle the Glitter Force.

      Watch The Shadow Force. Episode 18 of Season 2.

      Rascal breaks up the Glitter Force, trapping the girls in different dimensions to face their cold-hearted counterparts on the Glitter Shadow Force.

      Watch The Queen of Jubiland. Episode 19 of Season 2.

      Soon after Queen Euphoria reveals the new ruler of Jubiland, Emperor Nogo and his evil forces return to plunge the Glitter Force into darkness.

      Watch Friends Forever. Episode 20 of Season 2.

      The Miracle Jewel is the Glitter Force's last hope against Emperor Nogo. But using it could mean leaving Candy and Pop behind forever.

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